Are you thinking about changing your steel windows to aluminium windows?

Have you considered upgrading the look of your house by replacing your steel framed windows?  Maybe the windows just don’t seal as well as they should anymore. Not ready for a messy building project that will take some time to complete?

We have a solution for you, we can remove your existing steel windows and replace with Aluminium windows without the need to re-plaster around the window openings and then probably having to re-paint the whole house (so that it does not look like a patch job).

We cut out the steel frame leaving the steel outer frame in place, we make use of an aluminium extrusion to create a frame for a new aluminium window to fit into.  The process is neatly done and the disruption minimal.  We work on a window at a time so we ensure that your home’s security will not be compromised at night during our replacement process.

When deciding to make the change from steel to aluminium you can take up the opportunity to change the configuration of the windows by choosing to move or add opening section to the new windows.  You also have the chance to choose from one of our standard colours for the new aluminium frames.

Our windows include top-hung and side-hung casement windows as well as sliding windows in a wide range of sizes, with outer frames ranging from 30mm up to 38mm, depending on requirements.

We also offer the service of replacing steel and wooden windows with aluminium without the need to re plaster and paint.

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